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Unparalleled Calculation Performance

SatFarming calculation engine uses our proprietary algorithms to show you accurate, and real-time feedback from the field in seconds.

Gain Insight Previously Unattainable

SatFarming’s tool optimizes collected data from satellite imagery, weather, crop and soil sensors to show precise stages your crop development.

Expertise By Your Side

Our report brings valuable insights, helping farmers and agricultural enterprises in their decision making, planning and forecasting.

Minimize Uncertainty, Increase Profit

A deeper understanding of growth stages, biomass, nitrogen index, water balance and yield will help you to build a more robust strategy to gain time, save money and increase profit.

Monitoring & Optimization Software

Crop Growth Real-time Forecast

SatFarming is a decision support system linking remote sensing and crop modeling to evaluate in real time and forecast crop growth and development to optimize farmer’s decisions.Remote sensing component embed satellite imagery with Sentinel (ESA) and crop modeling is based on a software which simulates plant growth and development from weather data and soil information.
Satfarming is the first system using both of these technologies together.

SatFarming: Product List

Raster Mapping & Data Sheets

  • Color composite images
  • Vegetation Indices: NDVI, EVI, NDRE, CVI, REIP, CIrededge, CIgreen,DCNI, GNDVI
  • Field statistical analysis: Mean, standard deviation, skewness, kurtosis, frequency histogram, normal density, clustering.
  • Biophysical parameters from satellite:
    • Leaf area index
    • Leaf chlorophyll content
    • Leaf water content
  • Biophysical parameters from crop model
    • Biomass
    • Nitrogen needs
  • Soil water content
  • Yield
  • Fields groups statistical analysis
  • Crop identification
  • Crop area estimation
  • Vegetation dynamic time series
  • Crop growth stages

Crop List:

Winter wheat, spring wheat, barley, durum wheat, corn, rapeseed, canola & more…

SatFarming Founder & CEO

Xavier Bailleau

Farmer for 28 years, Xavier Bailleau produces cereals (wheat, barley, hybrid rye seed), and rapeseed. Passionate about agronomy, astronomy, mathematics and computer sciences, Xavier was quickly interested in crop growth modeling and simulation, integrating various data such as weather conditions, satellite imagery that applied to his own crops. After meeting the Quantix team in Paris, he got the opportunity to continue the development of his models in their Cropvison tool for 8 years. Then for 9 years with Geosys in Toulouse, he improved his model and optimized the precision of their results…